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DnG Construction LLC provides a full range of repair and remodel services for homeowners and small business owners alike. We make it our duty to work one on one with our customers through every step of the repair or remodel process to make sure that every customer is happy with the result of the completed project. 

DnG Construction LLC was founded by a husband and wife team, over 10 years ago. When they met Daniel already had almost a decade of experience in both maintenance and construction, and Natalie had always been a do-it-yourself home project kind of person. With Daniel's skills and experience and Natalie's business savy they started their journey starting by opening a handyman service within their neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA, known as DngConstruction.

Over the years they worked hard and never lost focus of their goal to own their own company. Through their dedication, DnG Construction LLC was born in 2016 in Philadelphia, PA and has now relocated to Hickory, NC. Now a fully insured LLC their passion continues to drive them, providing their customers with only the highest quality of craftsmanship, 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED! 

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